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Merpy Friday. / on Instagram

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I just had the best lunch. This is what it looks like from the inside of my stomach. #nofilter / on Instagram

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I wonder if Dirk still loves Destiny. / on Instagram

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The plan for my #thesis doc.
(Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License) / on Instagram

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Late afternoon thinking. / on Instagram

photo 16 Apr

Thinking about how to document my #thesis: explaining my process by showing how & describing the current and future situation by telling why (with captions for the former and diagrams for the latter). / on Instagram

link 14 Apr the keys to society and their rightful owners»

If we put McGonigal’s blog post together with Andreesen’s tweet we can see the outlines of a very common line of thought in the tech world today:

1) We really earnestly want to save the world;

2) Technology — more specifically, digital technology, the technology we make — can save the world;

3) Therefore, everyone should eagerly turn over to us the keys to society.

4) Anyone who doesn’t want to turn over those keys to us either doesn’t care about saving the world, or hates every technology of the past 5000 years and just wants to go back to writing on animal skins in his yurt, or both;

5) But it doesn’t matter, because resistance is futile. If any expresses reservations about your plan you can just smile condescendingly and pat him on the head — “Isn’t that cute?” — because you know you’re going to own the world before too long.

And if anything happens go to astray, you can just join Peter Thiel on his libertarian-tech-floating-earthly-Paradise.

Ugh, so true.

(As an aside, ‘The Keys to Society and Their Rightful Owners’ would make an excellent post-punk anti-folk band name.)

via AZspot.
text 14 Apr "No Perks" Work


Instead of open office suites, ping pong tables, free lunches, and happy hours, companies should trade in their modern perks for simply working less hours. There has to be a point of diminishing returns to forced, focused creativity. Are there any leading tech companies attempting this approach? Has it proved a failure in ROI? I want more data.

I’d try this, though is clever.

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The Flor Vu mirror. Because “men admire neatness at the hemline”! (circa #1940s) / on Instagram

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#Thesis Friday: The poster and I ride the bus to the big final presentation. ! / on Instagram

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